Simply Refined – New Goals for Smart Growth

Taken from Smart Growth Principles for the 21st Century by Kaid Benfield with the NRDC. 1. Foster neighborhoods hospitable to residents with a range of incomes, ages and abilities. 2.Enhance, create and maintain communities that encourage healthy living. 3.Provide walkable access to shops, amenities, and services, including good schools, healthy food, and parks. 4.Accommodate and provide a… more info

Siemans+ BMW Design A Recyclable Train Car

The Siemens Inspiro system uses light-weight aluminum cars to increase recyclability and efficiency. The sustainable train cars were designed for Poland’s new light rail system and aims for a 2012 installation. Siemens, BWM and Poland collaborated on the design. The design is cutting edge and will help divert wastes from the landfill. However, recycled materials… more info