Does Your Town Have An EcoDistrict?

With a growing concern over environmental sustainability, cities across the country are taking up the torch to try to build more just and cleaner communities. This is where the EcoDistricts program comes in. Starting with a pilot program in Portland, Oregon in 2010, the EcoDistrict program is a public and private partnership to develop new… more info

Combating the Urban Heat Island Effect with Green Roofs

In large urban areas, the temperature is slightly higher than it is in less populated areas. This odd occurrence is known as the urban heat island effect. The lack of open areas and vegetation, combined with the prevalence of concrete and other construction materials lead to a situation where the exposed surfaces are heated by… more info

LEED v4 Changes for Existing Buildings: O+M Rating System

The U.S. Green Building Council is launching a new version of its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design green building rating systems, more commonly called LEED. Among the many changes expected with the release of LEED v4, one can expect heightened requirements to improve energy performance.  Below are a few areas in which these heightened requirements… more info