LEED NC: Core + Shell certification is very similar to LEED NC: BD+C certification. The process is almost exactly the same, but there are two key differences. First, for a project to be eligible for LEED Core + Shell certification, only up to 40% of the interior can be built out at the time of certification. LEED BD+C includes the interior construction of a building. Secondly, LEED Core + Shell is the only program where you have the option to submit for a split review. A split review is different from the typical combined review where all of the documentation is reviewed at the end of the project. With a split review, a project has the option of earning approval of design credits before the project has completed construction. The main benefits here are that you can see if you get approval for some of the credits you are planning on earning and can adjust accordingly if those credits do not get approved. Secondly, a split review benefits from a quicker turnaround of the final review because the GBCI has less credits to review at the end of the project.

SIG’s consultants have worked on dozens of LEED NC: Core + Shell projects and have the experience and tools to simplify the certification process for all of the project teams involved.  To further simplify the process, we have in-house engineers that provide the required commissioning and energy modeling of a LEED NC: Core + Shell project. Therefore, we truly are a one-stop shop for LEED consulting and take pride in the fact that we can make our clients’ lives easier and more sustainable.

If you are interested in a complimentary LEED plan for your next project or simply have questions about the LEED process, please let us know. We have a young, energetic, and responsive team that is passionate about green building, and we would enjoy answering your questions and providing you with more info.

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