What is LEED Volume?

How can our LEED Volume program reduce your USGBC fees and shorten your timeline for certification?

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SIG’s LEED Volume offers our clients a unique opportunity to simplify the LEED process while saving capital and expense dollars.  Large Commercial Real Estate owners across the globe have invested time, resources, and capital in the development and implementation of their own LEED Volume program.  Thereafter, these programs endure an extensive “pilot” platform and review process. However, as the only third-party consultant to own a proprietary LEED Volume program, SIG can offer Core access to our LEED Volume across a portfolio or single qualified building. The following are advantages One Atlantic Center will while utilizing SIG’s LEED Volume program:  


Reduced USGBC LEED Submittal & Certification Fees
Ø  Reduced USGBC registration and certification fees through SIG’s LEED Volume regardless of building size.

Ø  The USGBC increased its registration and certification fee structure as of December 2016, but not for LEED Volume programs.  Core Property Capital can use the expired, less-expensive rates via SIG’s LEED Volume.


SIG’s LEED Volume documentation is pre-approved by the GBCI

Our clients will benefit from our USGBC/GBCI pre-approved systems and documentation.  Simplifying the process and streamlining future sustainability efforts.

 SIG has direct contact with LEED reviewers and have an account representative at the USGBC to answer any questions or concerns.


Prolonged access to LEED v3 Rating System
LEED v3 new registrations expired in October 2016.  This robust sustainability platform improves existing buildings and establishes best practices for building operations.  However, LEED v4, the latest iteration of LEED, raises the bar and reduce a buildings overall point potential.

 SIG can register new projects under LEED v3 through October 2019 exclusively through SIG’s LEED Volume.